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Listen to Silvia's last album

Listen to 'Imaginar', Silvia's last album that was released in 2012.
Tue 03/12/2013

Birthday night

16.03.2013 - 20h
For her birthday our beloved Mexican singer Silvia Abalos proposes this concert in favour of a group of Mexican women called ‘LAS PATRONAS’, who give out food to South American migrants travelling through Mexico to a better life.
Mon 03/11/2013

Concert and discussion

With Leon Chavez Teixeiro & Silvia Abalos
Thu 03/07/2013


Authentic Mexican, universal and contemporary at the same time

Abalos blends African, Indigenous and Spanish roots of Mexican music with Jazz and other rhythms that are sung in Spanish or Indigenous languages. This great artist shows us, with humility and conviction, the beauty of Mexican music... So let yourself go to the exuberant power of her voice and her music : "Authentic Mexican, universal and contemporary at the same time”.

Revista Ecos , Belgium

An extraordinary performance from that great universal artist

Last night we were privileged to attend the extraordinary performance from that great universal artist from Guadalajara, now living in Europe, Silvia Abalos. A new cultural space (with a promising future) located in the pedestrian entrance of Tlaquepaque, was a worthy frame for that memorable evening in which a full and suggestive Silvia presented part of her new album, still singing creations of ever. Anecdotes, memories and a mutual gift between artist and audience made it possible. In close dialogue, the pleasant presence and formidable voice of Silvia showed her talent with magic, simplicity and tenderness, that only reach “the great” when spoken with truth from the front, with intelligence and a full voice.

El Correo Ilustrado by Sergio Zepeda in La jornada, Mexico

Silvia Abalos and her band Te’Ome

The schedule forced the public to give the clue to the star of the night, Silvia Abalos and her group Te'Ome. The musical quality, the very strong personality and sensual voice of the singer conquered the audience. . .

Le Télégramme - France